Rhonda Mason
Fantasy and Science Fiction Author

The sleepiest bulldog in the world!
About Rhonda Mason
I divide my time between writing, editing, bulldogs, aquariums and beaching. I love writing speculative fiction, be it space opera, high fantasy or dark paranormal.  The only thing limiting my energy for fantastical worlds is the space-time continuum.

When not writing I like to work on my fledgling drawing and painting skills. I have recently become an aquarium hobbyist, and I spend WAY too much time (and money!) tinkering with my freshwater tanks, much to my husband's dismay.  (I blame Live Aquaria and Aquatic Arts !) 

I'm also known for my obsession with all things bulldog. Well, not just bulldogs, all dogs remotely related to the bully breeds. My first ever dog was a rescue Pitbull named Isabel. That's when I fell in love with bullys. My current bulldog is Grace. We rescued her at age 9 when we moved to FL. She's 14 now, and has survived cancer and chemo since we've had her. She has an anxiety disorder crazier than any I've ever seen, but I love her to bits. :)  She has to be an only dog, though, so no French or English bulldogs for me until she crosses the rainbow bridge. (She assures me she'll live forever.)

I received my master's degree in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, and I can honestly say it was the best move for both my skills as a writer and my career. I HIGHLY recommend the program to all genre writers interested in furthering their craft at the graduate level.

And her hubby James

My husband James is a Marine Biologist and Professor at Florida Gulf Coast University , and he hooked me on snorkeling and standup paddle boarding. If I were rich, I'd be traveling the world, snorkeling the hell out of every coral reef in existence. Since I'm author instead, we make time to drive to the Florida Keys as often as we can to snorkel there. 

James is a semi-pro paddleboard racer and a Board Ambassador for Riviera Paddlesurf in his spare time. He's teaching me the basics of SUP racing, but so far he's still twice as fast as I am. ;-)  Needless to say, we spend a lot of time in the water. You don't even want to know how sandy our cars are!

His first love is windsurfing, and he keeps a fantastic blog on both windsurfing and SUPing. You can find him here:


It took me 10 years and 3 complete manuscripts to land a publishing deal.

Even Gracie likes to SUP!
Jobs I did WHILE writing:​​

  • Law Clerk
  • Fitting Room Attendant
  • Drug Store Clerk
  • Inorganic Chemist
  • Intern With the EPA
  • Data Entry for the Local Railroad History Museum
  • Freelance Fiction Editor for Harlequin
  • Editor of Mystery Shopper Forms
  • Senior Editor of Nasdaq's Press Release Service
  • Freelance Non-Fiction Writer for Career Services
  • Cover Letter and Resume Editor

And most importantly....
Being a full-time auntie to 4 wonderful nephews.  ♥

All this is to say: fellow writers, you can do it!